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PeopleNTech, LLC

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My Association with PeopleNTech, LLC : I have been trained by this company and not only me many and many others. The founder Mr. Hanip has done a great job by training and placing people with 70k-100k jobs. The people who had no hope to get a job in other field even the people without proper college degree their dream had come true. I have seen everything from the beginning till now his students and the ones previously trained by him opened another training center. I know all of them..... I can even name the people went through him and now feel proud of their positions as a lead or manager of the dept of major fortune 500 companies. I think who writing negative comments here are just the jealous people, who are just jealous of someones great success. I think they are dishonest. Grow up people.

Good things About PeopleNTech, LLC : .

Not so good things About PeopleNTech, LLC : .

Review Submitted on : 07/07/2011

** Review Requested **

My Association with PeopleNTech, LLC : AHAHAHAHAHAHAH!, the comment made this year on january made me LOL...! he is probably the person who cold not coop p with the class, ahahahahaha yes Abu Hanip has got people the job not only taxi drivers but people who barely cold speak english, I am a witness to that infact I myself got placed by People N Tech 2 years ago and now I am at a position where I make decisions, its easy to make comments and remarks about some one, but its hard to back it up, just because some people droped out from the class and some people could not understand the class doe snot make the company bad, lots and lots of people hate WALMART but yet they still go shopping there...why..? I still go there every now and then and all i see is more and more people the company is just growing day by day, and people who make bad remarks about the company and have some negative attitude...try your best thats not gona stop the growth of the company, its a good thing you are not with the company, I would be sick to hear that people like these who make bad comments just because they had no idea what they were getting into get a job, some people are born to make money and some born to flp brgers and drive taxi, hey we all cant be millionares....some of us need to make burgers for us too..

Good things About PeopleNTech, LLC : People here who teach have experience and lots of it

Not so good things About PeopleNTech, LLC : the only thing not so god about the compnay is that teacher do get distracted but dont get me wrong they do cover everyhting up though

Review Submitted on : 28/07/2010

My Association with PeopleNTech, LLC : I went to get training from this company in falls church branch,va

Good things About PeopleNTech, LLC : nothing I have seen good,oh one goo thing,they dictate a well planned day dream with open eyes to you........

Not so good things About PeopleNTech, LLC : the tutor and holy soly incharge of this branch,he ask for 2000 dollars as a fees and 5000 later on after u will get a job,and if u ask him that could u provide us some refrences of persons who get jobs thru u?he will give u 3 cell nos. which he gives to everybody.Those phones are atteneded by his own H1-B sponsered relative guys.They will try to convince you to join this company even u won''t ask them any question regarding this company.Moreover he will talk to u like he is Obama.If u ask him more than 3-4 questions ,like will help in getting job,will u help in getting preare for interview,do u give any gaurantee for job,we asked same questions,and he just left his chair in anger and said I am a good teacher,rest is up to u if wanna take classes u can come,otherwise u can leave....... Having this kind of attitude how a person can help u..! more thing,a taxi driver came to him for a job as well as training classes,and he told him u will get 70k after getting training from me,although that guy could hardly speak english

Review Submitted on : 28/01/2010

My Association with PeopleNTech, LLC : I took the best training from PeopleNTech and got placed.

Good things About PeopleNTech, LLC : As far as I saw and experienced, PeopleNTech provides the best hands-on training in VA and NY. The certified professionals take special attention to every trainee so that they could get real world experiences and can apply their knowledge at work. I got the job after getting training from PeopleNTech and am performing so well that my manager including other team members are very happy. As a result, I got recognitions and special bonuses. If you need job within very short period of time, get the best opportunity from PeopleNTech. I bet one day you will proudly tell people or write in your success story like me that it was a blessing that you got PeopleNTech's address which contributed a lot to build your dream. Please feel free to contact me for further necessary info at:

Not so good things About PeopleNTech, LLC : I haven't seen anything yet.

Review Submitted on : 04/02/2008

My Association with PeopleNTech, LLC : I have worked for PeopleNTech for 17 months.

Good things About PeopleNTech, LLC : PeopleNTech changed my life. I was almost out of status and out of job, it sponsored H1B for me by spending it's own cost. PeopleNTech provided me free consultancy services and helped me to get a very good job. It has a very hands-on training facility. Because of PeopleNTech, I am working in a fortune 100 company. When I transferred my H1B to fortune 100 company, PeopleNTech did not ask me to pay for the consultancy services that it provided to me. I would love to work for PeopleNTech all the time. Since the project was ended and I found an opportunity in a fortune 100 company, I accepted that offer. I am so grateful to PeopleNTech and it's family members.

Not so good things About PeopleNTech, LLC : So far I know, a lot of junk people did not pay PeopleNTech's consultancy fees but PeopleNTech does not take any action against them even though it has a valid agreement with people.

Review Submitted on : 22/01/2008

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